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Getting involved in sport at a young age brings joy and health, and gives children the opportunity to discover and develop their talents.


Why the Fantastick®?

Field Hockey is a popular and innovative sport in the Netherlands. In Dutch hockey innovations are mainly focused on elite sports as well as (young) adults. However, the entry age of becoming a member of a hockey club is lowered to a younger age. Field hockey is a difficult and complex sport to learn especially for really young children. These are the reasons why Sportivation, together with a.o. Marc Lammers, former success coach of the Dutch women’s gold medal hockey team, and Delft University of Technology started developing an innovative field hockey stick, the Fantastick®.


For whom is the Fantastick®?

The Fantastick® is an innovative field hockey stick, especially developed for 4-7 year-old children. It is great both for at home, schools and hockey clubs.


What is special about the Fantastick®?

pelle-play-movieThe Fantastick® makes learning basic hockey techniques easier, more fun and more challenging. The basic grip, position of the hands (righter hand below and left hand on top), the V-grip and the grip during the Indian dribble are easier to pick up. The dribble grip is especially developed for use in training and hockey lessons to make the indian dribble easier and more fun to learn. Furthermore, the sticks are both ergonomic and adjusted to the emotional world of children.

Playing hockey with the Fantastick® not only challenges children to learn to play hockey, it is also easier and more fun!

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