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Starting with sports at a young age brings joy, is healthy and helps children to discover and explore their talents. At the same time sports and exercise are important for children’s social development. With inactivity playing an ever greater part in today’s society, it is very important to introduce young children to sports and exercise.


With innovative products and services Sportivation aims to motivate children to discover and explore their talents. Sportivation is a company founded by Paulien Kok. Paulien has many years’ experience working on innovation in sports and health. On top of that, Sportivation has accumulated an extensive national and international network.

Following her studies Physiotherapy and Human Movement Sciences, Paulien enjoyed working for twelve years at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), initially doing research into humanproduct interaction. In the years following her work as a researcher, Paulien used this practical experience to start managing projects.

What Paulien wants most of all is to be innovative. She is passionate about both people and sports. Motivating people of all ages to exercise and be healthy using innovation is her main goal.


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